Still Life


            An accomplished artist should be able to take any medium and apply it to a flat surface in a way that convinces the average person that it is three dimensional, has space, air, and various textures.  That is what painting is all about.   I firmly believe that the ability to create a good still life is the basis for all good paintings. If one cannot paint a solid, round piece of fruit, then one will not be able to paint a person's nose that the viewers feel they can grab a hold of.  The more simple the subject is, such as these vegetables, the better the execution has to be, in order to justify the painting's existence.  I've always said "When the subject matter dominates the execution, then the painting has failed" Ultimately, the artist should strive to create a good piece of artwork, and also to present an interesting subject.


"The Market Basket"
oil  17" X 15"


"Arrangement in Scarlet"
pastel 20" X 18"

"The Athenian scholar"
pastel 20" X 18"

"Imperial Tea"
pastel 26" X 20"

"Oriental III"
pastel 26" X 20"

"Oriental II"
pastel 26" X 20"

"Song of India"
pastel  26" X 20"

"Tribute to Degas"
pastel 26" x 20"

"Tribute to the Renaissance"
pastel 26" x 22"

"Tribute to Verdi"
pastel 30" x 26"

oil 22" x 18"

"Arrangement on Pastel"
pastel 22" x 18"

"South of the Border"
oil 20" X 24"







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